Welcome to LOCOLUXO

LOCO LUXO is a clothing brand dedicated to dynamic people with a special taste for fashion.
“Fashion is the art of good wearing” and it was in the context of this phrase that the LOCO LUXO brand was created to meet the needs of our customers who longed for quality jackets made of good materials and at competitive prices.
Every year the brand LOCO LUXO presents two collections – Spring / Summer and Autumn / Winter. In the Spring / Summer collections we use lighter and fresher materials based on Nylon, Cotton, Polyurethane among others, but always with special finishes, dictated by international fashion trends.
As for the Fall / Winter collection, in addition to Nylon, Cotton and Polyurethane, we also use materials best suited to the season, such as Fur, Wool and Double Face.
In addition to models made with synthetic materials, REIS PELE, Confeções S.A. also develops collections of fur coats under the brand names KULT and REIS PELE.
The leathers used in the KULT and REIS PELE collections have the stamp of excellence and quality.
In addition to developing and marketing its own brands (LOCO LUXO, KULT and REIS PELE) in multi-brand stores, REIS PELE, Confeções SA also develops and produces for independent brands – Private Labels – based in several European countries, as It owns a manufacturing unit with production capacity and a very professional design and modeling department.